Top Ten Types of London Escorts

Top London Escorts

Top Ten Types of London Escorts: If you’ve had a fair bit of experience with glamorous ladies in the capital, you’ll know that there are most definitely types. All of our girls offer their own special services of course, and they’re all unique but there are definitely some categories that almost every girl seems to fall into. Check them out for yourself and think: “when was the last time I had a London escort that didn’t fit these descriptions?”

1. The Beauty
Every escort in London has visual appeal, it’s kind of in the job description. However, there are a few ladies that take it to another level. Plump lips, deep eyes, a stunning body. They’re the ones that leave you breathless, the ones you can barely believe are real.

2. The Chilled Out One
Whatever you want to do, she is cool with it. This London escort is the very image of relaxed charm, all easy smiles that insantly make you feel comfortable.

3. The Adventurer
By the time you’re finished with her, you’ll wonder if you have any fantasies left unexplored. This type of London escort is perfect for those that have some experience already and are looking to push the boundaries.

4. The Innocent Girl
Or so she acts. If you believe this escort in London, she is just a good looking girl after a good time. She’s all blushes and giggles until you bring out her inner devil.

5. The Party Animal
This lady will tear up the dancefloor. From the moment you meet until the moment you part, everything will be intense and you’ll love every action filled minute of it.

6. The Romantic One
A London escort with a softer side. She’s the perfect companion for first timers, a girl who will put you at ease and give you the time of your life.

7. The Submissive Girl
Whatever you want, she’ll give you. This kind of London escort is much sought after, and most men would love to spend an evening with a lady that’s so committed to pleasing him.

8.The Dominant Babe
On the other end of the spectrum, we have escorts in London who will make you bend to their will. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but those that do love to submit will find a lady like that to be their leather clad dream.

9. The Dirty One
You’ve never known a woman as ready and willing as this babe. You love it, and her incredible desire to make the evening pleasurable will leave you begging for more.

10. The Special Girl
She’s everything you need and everything you want. Sometimes, you stumble upon a London escort that can just perfectly meet all of your needs. When you do, you would be mad to let her go.

Now that you are aware of the top 10 London Escort types maybe it is time to choose the one you like the most out of our wonderful collection of escorts.