The First Time as an London Escort

Hi everyone, thanks for coming back for the second installment of my blog. Today I’m going to talk about something that a lot of people have asked me about before. If you’re not into the saucy stuff, this is the time to turn away because it does get a little steamy towards the end.

First Time as a London EscortMy first time as an London escort was an exciting one. I was new to town, and had just started to settle in. I wasn’t born in the capital, but I had come here for uni and I was looking to try new things. The city had always appealed to me and I had dreamed of living there one day, and getting to explore all the new sensations that it offered me. I had been told about some of the things that girls got up to there, but I never believed it until I saw it with my own eyes. It was all very simple. I called an agency, turned up for an interview, got it within minutes of them seeing my 19 year old body and that was that: I was suddenly an London Escort!!!

A few days later I got a call, apparently I had been listed on their sites and a man was interested in spending some time with me. I eagerly agreed and they gave me all the details. I spent hours trying on outfits and pouting in the mirror: trying to master the sexy look that would blow him away. Before I knew it, it was time.

I was meant to meet him at the hotel bar but the second I got in the lobby, I froze up. I couldn’t do this, I was a good girl really. Why had I agreed to this in the first place? I was a mess. I mustered what little courage I had and headed in to see him. He smiled at me, and suddenly it all vanished. The doubt, the worry, it was all gone. I was a shining example of just how sexy a girl can be when the weight of the world is lifted off our shoulders, and he certainly seemed to appreciate my feminine charms! I feel him undressing me with his eyes, his glance straying to my chest far too often for it to be a coincidence. I indulged him, subtly pulling my top down a little and I could hear the growing excitement in his voice.

It didn’t take long for him to suggest we went upstairs, I could see he was smitten from the moment I batted my long lashes at him. The next minute passed in a frantic, passionate blur. First we were kissing by the door, then he had me in his arms and I couldn’t resist him. I didn’t want to. I wanted to submit to whatever pleasures he had in mind for me, and it was relief that I slipped out of my LBD. Standing there in front of him, in just my lingerie, I felt a new found sense of freedom.

I felt a new found sense of freedom as an Escort that I have never felt before.

I gently pushed his chest, placing him fully on his back at the edge of the bed. Slowly but surely, I straddled him, unbuttoning his shirt as I stroked his still clothed thigh. As his trousers came off, I could feel myself getting unbearably wet: I knew that I needed him inside me soon, or I would explode with desire. But I wanted to draw it out, to tease him into a world of pure ecstasy. I kissed his chest lightly, working my way down with slow but deliberate purpose…

And that’s when it happened: a sharp knock at the door, snapping us both out of our reverie. What came next? Well, you’ll have to wait until next time to find out; I’m afraid I still like to tease, boys!

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