The First Time as an London Escort Part 2

Last time, we left right in the middle of things. I had just met with my first ever client and, carried away in the moment, had gone upstairs with him to his hotel room. Things were getting heated, when there was a knock at the door…

As it turns out, I had left a few items from my purse in the bar in the rush. The knock was from a friendly member of staff who had put 2 and 2 together and realised where I had gone. I expected him to be judgemental or severe, but he handed them back with a knowing smile. Since then, I’ve learnt that many top hotels are more than aware of what we do, and don’t have an issue with it as long as we keep it in the bedroom.

Even so, the danger of being caught, being judged and having it all come out flipped a switch in me. It made me realise that I wasn’t such a good girl after all, that I loved the thrill of the chase. Deep down, I was a very naughty girl indeed and this job would give me the perfect chance to explore those feelings.

London Escort Part 2I turned to my client with a newfound sense of confidence and lust. I wanted to be in charge, to show him this new side of me. He was still lying on the edge of the bed where I left him, shirt undone and trousers loose. I ever so slowly kissed from the top of his chest, downwards, not leaving a single inch of skin caressed by my soft lips. As I slid off his trousers, I could see his cock raging against its cotton prison, desperately yearning to sink itself into my silky smooth depths.

I was much more than just a good girl and I just realized it. I was the kind of escort he was never going to forget.

A good girl would have stripped him immediately and promptly let him fuck her brains out. She would have batted her eyelids and simpered and he would have been in total control. That wasn’t how it was going to go. He had paid for 2 hours, and we were only 45 minutes in at this point. With an eye on the clock, I began to tease.

It was torturously slow. A full 15 minutes of touching and stroking and squeezing commenced before I finally unleashed him. Fully erect, he was obviously hungry for my touch. Although I was teasing, I didn’t want to be cruel, so I decided to give him a little relief. I worked my tongue slowly around the head of his cock, making him groan in pleasure. I kissed the shaft, and licked down it in the lightest of strokes. I could feel his frustration, his mixed emotions and I decided to ramp them up. For the next 20 minutes, I teased and I played and I brought him close to the edge but never took him over. I was tempted to take him deep into my mouth, but I decided that the first time his cock was enveloped by wet, warm flesh it should be when I rode him, not like this. God knows I wanted to, but sometimes a girl just has to make sacrifices…

When I finally slid his cock inside me, his groan was intense. I wondered if he had cum there and then, but he seemed to have steadied himself. I worked my hips and arched my back upwards, slowly sliding him out of me, until only the tip of his rock hard member remained inside me. With an almost cruel sense of satisfaction, I lingered for a second, before slowly bring him back inside. It continued like this for a few minutes, before his breath began to begin that telltale pattern. I sensed his approaching orgasm, and increased my speed just a little, to give him as much satisfaction as possible.

The resulting groan showed me that he had certainly enjoyed our time together. I could see his body shiver with pleasure long after he had finished and I felt a sense of pride that was entirely new. It was something deeply feminine and sexy, a raw energy that made me feel alive. As I climbed off and lay next to him, I knew that this was going to be the start of something beautiful.