Striptease London

There’s nothing quite so wonderful as a slow, titillating strip tease. The entire experience is one that has been arousing men for centuries and its timeless appeal is something that we have the greatest amount of respect for. A girl that masters this subtle art is sure to be popular amongst the men of the city, that’s for sure. It’s a hard thing to do right, but those that can are often revered in this industry.

Imagine it. She arrives at your house. The anticipation has been building in the hours since your booking and now you’re desperate to see her. She enters in a tight little dress that just makes your imagination run wild. She sits you down on a chair, and the show begins. Slowly but surely, the straps of her dress creep down her shoulders. They’re almost off, when she begins to twist and turn. The gentle movement of her hips is intoxicating, and you’re amazed that a girl can be this sexy. Her dress falls to the ground and she steps out of it, heels clicking gently on the wooden floor. She’s a stunner, a girl with the body of an angel. You want her, you want her now.

But she isn’t ready yet. No, her lingerie says that she’s enjoying the show too much that she loves to flaunt her assets. Soft, black and silky, with ribbons of fine lace. You wonder if this is a dream; it seems more like something from a film than it does real life. With slow deliberate movements, she finishes her little strip tease and you’re blown away. The sheer eroticism and arousal in that performance has left you stunned. Before she was gorgeous, now she is a sensual goddess and the night is young. It’s enough to turn a good evening into a great one.