It finally happened: I fucked him.

I type those words with nothing short of triumph because not only did I fuck him, I did it on my terms and on the clock. He didn’t win, he didn’t even come close. I outmaneuvered him at every turn and I ended up winning the sweetest victory of all.

Sorry if this seems a little gloating: I’m just thrilled to have gotten my way. As regular readers will know, I’m used to getting my own satisfaction so finding a client that didn’t give me that was very frustrating. Especially as he was holding on to it just to tease me.

Tattooed London EscortPart of me knows that, by doing it, I did what he wanted. He wanted me to be desperate, he wanted me to relish it, he wanted me to work for it. Most of all, I think he wanted me to remember it. If I’m honest with you, not every guy is unforgettable. Sometimes, a guy just doesn’t thrill me. Oh he’s not bad by any means, but he isn’t amazing. I’ve had a lot of sex, the basics aren’t going to captivate me like they would another woman. One offs tend to blur into one, it’s just natural, although I always remember my regulars. Even so, I feel like I’ve won. He get what he wanted but he got it on my terms. I was in control, I dominated the situation and ultimately I made him bend to my will. Frankly, it was a total rush.

You’re probably wondering how I did it. Well, it all started with some repeated visits. He would touch me, tease me. Eventually he let me play with his cock, but never anything more. If I tried to touch myself or suck him off, the session was over. It was the ultimate frustration and I longed for him to just lose control and fuck me. And yet he resisted. So I decided to fight back.

My lingerie is always well thought out: tasteful and utterly sexy. On this occasion though, I felt like I needed to pull out the big guns. So out came the catalogue for a well known luxury designer and in came a seriously lacy number. Its intricate patterns showed scant flashes of my flesh, enough to tease him but not enough for him to get off. I normally wear more revealing underwear with clients, because they like the confident naughtiness, but with him I wanted to tease. I knew from the moment I saw him looking at me in a different way, that it was working. He complimented it, but eventually requested I remove the waspie and the bra. Progress! And I knew that I was getting to him.

So I turned everything else up a notch. Hair, makeup, perfume. All the best came out, and my technique became considerably more titillating too. Before, I was giving him the kind of broad strokes you give any man to get him in the mood and ready to fuck. They have to be firm enough to make him aroused, but not good enough to bring about something embarrassingly premature. Now though, I was giving him everything. I worked two handed, one twisting lightly at the bottom of his shaft, the other fondling his tip. This wasn’t a get in the mood handjob, it was the “cum all over me in no time at all” handjob, the kind that gets a fella’s eyes rolling back in their head.

I was expecting to see progress, for him to let me suck his cock and then eventually go on to sex but in the end it didn’t happen like that.

On our 4th meeting, I was working him with my new technique when something seem to snap inside him. I could feel his resolve break and he swiftly pushed my head, previously resting so tantalising close on his thigh, straight down on his cock. I could barely even muster a smile of delight before I was wrapped inches deep around his shaft, my tongue flicking back and forth across his head. Once I get a guy’s cock between my lips, I’m a magician. I knew he was mine, and the only question was whether or not he would last long enough to fuck me. I could feel his body shaking, and I knew he wouldn’t last long so I did what any girl would do.

I looked him dead in the eye and said those two magical words. In a flash, he was on top of me, his lips meeting mine and his cock homing in on my wet little cunt like a starving tiger going in for the kill. He lasted two thrusts before he spurted cum into me with a moan of utter satisfaction. Even so, I had won. As I cradled his head against my chest, I knew that he was mine now, that he wouldn’t tease me again.

Now all I need to do is have a proper session with him, something we have planned in a few days. I will of course, keep you all updated with the saucy details. I’ve given him a taste of heaven, now I think it’s time for him to get a great big bite…