Mr Nice Guy

I’m often asked about my clients and about what type of men they are. Some of my friends imagine them as the saddest losers: guys who are so inept that this is their only chance are getting with a woman. The truth is rather different: most of them are actually rather nice guys, they just suffer from certain circumstances.

London Escort GirlLet me tell you about the stereotypical client I see, the guy that makes up a lot of my business. He’s not the kind of man you can imagine seeing an escort in London. He’s nondescript in many ways, not ugly but not ruggedly handsome. A 7 out of 10. There’s certainly nothing wrong with him but he’s not so good looking that women would fall at his feet. And that is the problem. He works hard, which leaves him little time for social callings. I’m sure many of you can relate. I have to admit that we, as a gender, do have a bit of a tendency to be demanding; any man with limited time will struggle to maintain contact with a beautiful lady, and like many others he found himself looking for companionship!

A man like that is normally going to be a generous tipper. He will normally be polite and courteous. He will treat me with respect before and after, and often he’ll oblige me with a good drink. He normally brings champagne or a great cocktail for me to drink on the bed, and he’s always going out of his way to make me feel comfortable.

A model man really. That is, until we come down to things. That’s when he transforms. All those pleasantries fly out of the window and his true form is revealed. He’s a whirlwind of barely contained passion and he wants nothing more than to fuck me in every way possible. How exactly varies guy by guy. Some like to be dominant, holding me down, pulling my hair and generally bossing me about. Some like to break out the whips and the fetish gear. Some want to do it somewhere risky. Some even like to engage in a little gender play or be very submissive. Whatever he fancies, I deliver.

When it’s all over, he’s back to his old self again. Looking at him, you would never suspect what lies within and that’s ideal for him. He gets to be smart, presentable and hardworking to the majority of people, but still let his wild side out every now and again. That kind of fella is the core customer of most high class London escorts, and they’re a client that we all enjoy.

That man, the one I mentioned to you last week, he isn’t like that. Oh no, when I finally got down to business with him, I realised that he was so much naughtier. That, however, is a tale for another day…

So tune in next week for some really dirty stuff, as I explore my hottest date with my new favourite client. It involves a boat, a stranger and me reaching a level of slutty pleasure I never thought I would ever delve into.

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