London Sex Guide

London Sex Guide

London is a big city and for people that travel here for the first time can be very confusing so 365 London Escorts have created this amazing little guide for all you that are traveling to London!

Even though London is known for it’s business like life and as the capital center of the world it is also well known for it’s kinky, naughty side. So if you are here for business and feel exhausted then get ready for some next level entertainment.

First of all let’s start this article saying that prostitution in the UK is totally legal so if you are traveling from a country that prostitution is illegal REJOICE! London Escorts are fully legal and approved! That’s why there is no shortage of escorts in London.

There are literally hundreds of ways to meet London Escorts but the best way that we can advice you is through the internet.

London Escorts Ads & Agencies

London is a multicultural city thus having escorts that can seriously make the most difficult client feel joy and the internet is the safest way to do so. Safest for your pocket as well. There are million of classified ads all around the web from escorts but there are also agencies, such as ours, that offer the best escorts you can find on the web. Is that a marketing trick to make you book an escort from us? The answer is no.

Agencies have the best escorts because they want their name to be well known all around the globe. What would an agency gain from having an escort that is not good at what she does in their collection of escorts? Nothing. Non the less the agency would lose fame. So when you look at our agency collection of London Escorts you can be sure that they are the best there are out there.

There are also forums that you can check before booking for reviews or asking people that might have booked the escort you are interested about.

London Sex Clubs & Events

If escorts is not what you are looking for exactly then London can still make your day ( or night ) with the hundreds of Sex clubs it operates.

You can find sex clubs in London for pretty much anything you ever imagined.

Rubber Cult


If you have a thing for Rubber then London’s Rubber Cult is the place that you are looking for. There is one rule and one rule only. Must wear Rubber!

There are photographs displayed that are themed for rubber. There is a Rubber Dungeon and there are theme parties about rubber. You are going to love it!

Music is low so that attendees can talk about rubber which is basically the reason you go there!

Feel free to contact them at




Torture Garden Logo

Torture Garden also known as TG is the largest fetish club in the world attracting from 800-2500 people monthly in various venues around London and with regularly tours around the globe!

You can contact them whenever you feel like it for any kinky inquiry you might have.

Find more about Torture Garden at their website!



esinem rope bondage

If you enjoy some shibari bondage – the Japanese art of rope bondage then you are lucky! There are regular events held in London that rope bondage experts participate.

You can find more about the rope bondage events held in London at ESINEM Rope Website!


sub-boudoir-logo-blue-highres-300x44If you are into BDSM then you must have heard of Mistress Absolute and Bobette. Club Subversion is hosted by Mistress Absolute a woman so dominant that most men fall to their knees just be looking at her.

sub-boudoir-logo-blue-highres1-300x94There are two types of Clubs. There is one that you do not need a membership to join the fun and one that only exclusive members can join!

Learn more about Club Subversion at their website!



This London Sex Guide will only get bigger and bigger but for now we hope that we somehow managed to help your appetite with the information we gathered for you!