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We often get asked about what it is that makes a good escort, and what makes London Escorts be the world most famous escorts. Well, there are 5 simple things that every escort must possess for being on our list and for earning the title “London Escort”.

1. Passion
A lady has to love being an escort to do it well. It’s all very well and good being hot, but you have to want to be a companion, not just a pretty face. It’s actually a very demanding job, and one that you need to truly enjoy in order to excel at.

2. Dedication
Long and awkward hours. Mishaps. Last minute cancellations. Our escort girls have to put up with a fair bit of hassle, so they need to be completely dedicated to their work. When a lady can take all of these nuisances in her stride and still give 100%, we know that she’s a keeper.

3. Beauty
Of course, a good escort has to look amazing and since we all know that beauty is a matter of opinion we have gathered the best of the best of every type you can imagine in our collection of London Escorts that you can find below.

4. Skill
When it comes down to it, a lady needs to be skilled in what she does. Charming, elegant and well versed in the arts of seduction, our babes are among the very best in London.

5. Friendliness
It’s too often overlooked, but a smile and a kind word is essential for putting a man at ease. Getting a client to relax is an essential part of the experience, and it’s one that our escorts excel at.