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3 ways you can use a London Escort

Most men think that a London Escort is just a lady that can be used for their sexual hunger and even though this is also true, a London Escort can be used for many more reasons.

We at 365 London Escorts, have gathered a few ways that you can use a London Escort and not just for sex.

London EscortWant to find out? Check the full story below!

  1. Dinner Escort Service: It may sound weird for many people but Dinner Escort Service is something that many people use. You might have seen people and you probably didn’t even notice. Eating alone because someone forgot your dinner plans or because a friend had to cancel is very common and very uncomfortable to go through. So most Escorts in the business offer a Dinner Escort Service.
  2. Erotic Massage Escort Services: There are a lot of hard working men and women that wish they had time to find their perfect match. A lot of those people work day and night and need someone that they can feel relaxed around and Escorts are just like any other professional. What they offer is an unbelievable masssage that no living soul can probably decline after a hard day at work.
  3. Occasion Escort Services: Have you ever seen a movie that someone takes a friend or a stranger to a family reunion and introduce them as their girlfriend. This is exactly that. There are hundreds of professional escorts that will do that for you if you want them to. Dress them what you like and take them to wherever you like. Parties, Reunions, Office Days. They will be whatever you want them to be.

If you have used any of those services then you know this is a real thing. London Professional Escorts can do a hundred different services that you will enjoy. Feel free to Contact us for more information!


Don’t give up on us

I recently spoke to a fella who was rather skeptical and weary about the idea of seeing a working girl. Intrigued, I pressed him for details and was saddened to hear that a bad experience had made him lose interest in this industry. Part of me wasn’t surprised though: he had been going for bargain basement independent girls rather than through a top agency. Sure these girls were cheap and lacked the costs of a middle man, but their service was lacking. Anyone who has spent the night with a cheap London escort will tell you that you often get what you pay for.

There are plenty of reason why a girl might end up working for a reduced rate. She might need the money. She might be looking to increase the volume of her bookings. She might be hoping to build up good reviews. All perfectly valid reasons and certainly nothing that we would hold against them. The last one in particular is especially popular with new girls who need to establish an online presence. They’re often keen, passionate and willing to go the extra distance to make sure that the client is satisfied so they’re normally an absolute steal for the price.

However, these escort girls are often in the minority. Most girls working for a low rate are doing so because it’s their only option. As someone who has worked at the best and the worst levels of this profession, I can tell you that the difference in huge. The girls that are near the bottom are there for a reason. Any lady with talent and enthusiasm won’t stay there, which means you’re either going to get very lucky and find a rising star, or be stuck with a girl who is cheap for a reason.

You’ve heard the horror stories and many of them are just as bad as you would imagine. Girls doing the absolute bare minimum, some even less than that. I remember hearing how one girl left a session prematurely, at full pay, because the client was only allowed to cum once. She later confided to me that he didn’t even do that, and she had left because she realised he wouldn’t be able to prove otherwise. Girls like that don’t belong in this industry. They’re the dodgy builders that stop showing up halfway through your renovation, the restaurants whose head chef is a microwave.

They do us all an injustice, and make men wary of even trying another girl. To us, girls like that are a stain on our good name and a disgrace to the profession. They’re not always working at the low price range, but the majority are. Many are there because their reputation is trashed and no one else will take them. Others because they simply can’t be bothered to jump through a top agency’s hoops.

If you’ve had a bad experience like that, I beg you: don’t give up. The vast majority of us are passionate about what we do and dedicated towards giving your pleasure. We can open your eyes to a whole new world of pleasures and delights, all you have to do is be brave enough to try again. Trust us, and we won’t disappoint you.

what is bdsm

What is BDSM and London Mistresses that do it

BDSM LondonBDSM Meaning and Definition

Let’s start this article with an explanation of what BDSM is and what it means.

The term BDSM is dated all the way back to 1969, even though the art of BDSM and what it stands for was practiced since the beginning of time. BDSM is a term formed by B&D ( Bondage & Discipline) and from S&M ( sadism and masochism) there is also D&S (dominance and submission) .
People today use the term BDSM to talk about a huge range of sexual activities.

BDSM Activities

  • Bondage
  • Cock and ball torture (CBT)
  • Control
  • Erotic electrostimulation
  • Edgeplay
  • Flogging
  • Golden showers (urinating)
  • Medical play
  • Predicament bondage
  • Sexual roleplay
  • Spanking
  • Suspension
  • Torture
  • Tickle torture
  • Wax play

You can now understand why BDSM is today’s most used sexual phrase. It contains all sort of activities that millions of people enjoy.

But in some parts of the world and in many people’s mind BDSM is something that they cannot comprehend even though they have never tried and so many people feel insecure when they find themselves in a relationship that cannot express their real sexuality to their partner.

London BDSM scene is BDSM friendly so you guys don’t have to worry for a thing.

365 London Escorts support all kinds of BDSM as long as you discuss your thoughts with us while you make your booking so that our London escorts can bring their toys with them.

London is well known for it’s erotic scene. We have everything anyone ever imagined in one place. So for example if your preference is a Dominatrix situation then we have you covered.

If you are looking for a London Mistress to make your day ( or night ) we have you covered for that.

London Mistresses

Lady Seductress

London Mistress lady seductress

Lady Seductress is an English lady with exotic looks and she is a well known Dominant within the London Mistress scene.

She has a wide repertoire of BDSM games for your every pleasure and on her site you can see some reviews that will turn you into a believer. Even though we are certain that by just looking at her you will not resist the urge to book her.

Read more about Lady Seductress and trust us she will dominate your every thought.






Lady Bellatrix

London Mistress Lady BellatrixLady Bellatrix is Elegant, discerning and strict. She is an International Glaminatrix and Fetish Fashion Model. Sweet sadism at its finest – not for the faint at heart.

Internationally renowned Model and Artist based in London, Paris and Vancouver.

Just give a look at her Gallery and video clips and you will know she is one strict, dominant lady.

Learn more about Lady Bellatrix at her Official Website





Mistress Pia

German Mistress Pia

There are a lot of things that you can expect from a Mistress but when it comes to the art of BDSM a German Mistress like Lady Pia can almost do anything you have ever imagined and more.

She has the ability to read your every desire and then use that to achieve ultimate pleasure.

She is a German Mistress in London and holds sessions in one of the best “dungeons” in town.

Don’t believe us? Check it by yourself at her official website.






Madame Caramel

London Mistress Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel is a Black London Mistress like no other. She has years of experience and since she was a young girl she had slaves for her every demand. She is a dominant figure just to look at. Imagine what it feels to be by her side… or kneeling in front of her.

She is a sensation among mistresses and a very, very powerful woman.

You can learn everything about Madame Caramel at her website where you can also check her Bio and Gallery.