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Escort Temptation

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know all about a regular client I have. He’s become rather accustomed to teasing me, to the extent that I am now rather desperate to finally fuck him. It’s an odd state of affairs for any top London escort to find herself in: it really is meant to be the other way around. I’m meant to be the one with the power, not him.

Honestly, it’s been frustrating. I’ve never felt like that before. As spoilt as it sounds, I’m very used to getting my own way. Normally I flutter my eyelids, drop my knickers and we’re away. This guy is making me work for it. You may be wondering why, I certainly am. I’m pretty convinced it’s a power thing, that he wants to dominate my desire. He wants to make it abundantly clear who is the boss in this situation. I’m fine with that: I’m ready and willing to wait it out. What makes it strange though, is that he just seems to taking things to extreme levels.

London Escort TemptationI’ve been with guys like that before, but they crack pretty soon. Honestly, most of them can’t resist me for more than a few hours. So imagine my surprise to find that this fella is still going strong almost a fortnight later.

An experienced lady at our agency has a different theory. She thinks that he’s looking to break the usual escort-client relationship. By denying me the chance to satisfy him, he’s creating a situation where I see him as different from other clients, where the desire comes from me and not him. She warned me about what that can mean, and what it can lead to.

Dating a client and/or sleeping with him for free are rather difficult issues. They break down the strict boundaries that we maintain, and they generally lead to disaster. There are few girls that have experienced that kind of shift and haven’t been affected. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. I want him, but I’m consumed with the chase. The thrill of it will quickly wear thin.

So I’m going to treat it as a challenge. If he’s going to resist me, then I’ll have to try harder. I won’t rest until he’s given up on his games and finally fucked my brains out. Eventually, he will succumb and I will win.

I’ve been stocking up on tools of the trade. The very naughtiest lingerie, toys, scented lubes, everything you can think of. If he wants to play a game of teasing and titillating then he better be prepared for all out war! By the time I’m finished with him, he’ll be begging for a chance to be with me. I’ll have him grovelling at my feet and, when he finally gives in, I’ll show him the night of his life. So expect this blog to get extra naughty in the coming weeks!

Over Excess

After last week’s amusing little escapades, I’ve found myself in a rather interesting situation. The client that ended up with 1 girl instead of the 3 he had planned has decided to compensate for it by throwing something of a little party. He’s booked not one, not two, not three, not four, but five London escort girls. Five. Seriously.

I can feel many of you seething with jealousy right now and honestly I couldn’t believe it myself. It’s just so over indulgent. Why you want that many girls I don’t know. You might think that it would be a blast, and it will be, but there really isn’t much difference between 3 girls and 5. Honestly, it just seems like he’s saying more is better, like most men. Ah well, he is the client after all, and his wishes come first, but honestly…

If we want to be a little bit dirty, let’s look at this way. What are you going to do with those 2 extra pussies? Seriously, you can have one girl on your cock, one on your face, and I guess one on each hand but that’s still only 4. What does the last one do? And do you really want to be crushed under the weight of 4 ladies at once? It’s a sensory overload. 3 girls is so perfect because it lets you have 2 of them interacting with each other whilst you fuck the 3rd. Honestly, you can easily get by with just 2 babes 69’ing whilst you alternate between the one you fuck.

I digress though. It’s what he wants, so we’ve spent this week trying to work out how to make it as hot as possible. Some bi action is definitely going to go down, so we’ve had to find 3 other girls that are into that, which is harder than you think. It’s not something you can fake: either you love burying your face in muff or you don’t. I’m rather fond, having only realised that latent desire in myself recently. Be good boys and I might tell you the story one day, even if it’s not work related.

One thing we are doing for him though, at his request, is wearing matching lingerie. It sounds hot, it is hot and honestly we’re all happy to do it. The problem is actually finding 4 sets of identical underwear in different sizes. I often wonder if men ever think about all the work that goes into their fantasies, the hours we spend in changing rooms, with razors and in front of a mirror.

It’s all worth it though, when you first catch a glimpse of their face. That little o their mouth forms as they take you in is unbelievably satisfying. It makes you feel hot, it makes you feel sexy, it makes you realise just how incredible you really are to them.

We’re all hoping to see it soon. When we come through the doors to his bedroom as 4, all matching and all smokingly hot, we’re looking for that little burst of pleasure. We want him to be utterly blown away, so we’ll pull out all the stops. It’s a lot of work, but seeing the look on his face when it’s all done, a look of pure satisfaction, should hopefully be worth it. If it’s not, I rather suspect I might go on the pull afterwards and take a random guy home, just for his reaction to my forthright sexiness. Slutty I know, but if it makes me happy… 😉

Banging the Wrong Guy

Having solved my little issue with a tricky client last week, I was on top of the world. I felt like nothing could go wrong and the world was my oyster. After all, I had proven myself to be one hot, sexy woman yet again and I was relishing in the glow of my own success.

Little did I realise that disaster was just around the corner.

London Duo Escorts This is going to be an interesting blog, because I’m going to delve into something you don’t normally get to see. This is the part of this world that few men ever even realise exists and we often do our best to conceal its presence. I am of course, talking about the world of mishaps.

Think about it, you’ve seen You’ve Been Framed, you know things go wrong in every part of life every now and again. So what about in this industry, what happens when things wrong then?

I found on a weekend trip to a wealthy client’s house. He had booked 3 girls, one of which was me. We were all making our way to him separately, planning to arrive and meet up 5 minutes before. I arrived just in time for the appointment itself, having been stuck in traffic. I rang the doorbell, and prepared myself to apologise for the delay. An older gentleman greeted me with a smile, although he looked a little puzzled.

As it turns out, neither of the other two girls had made it yet. I explained the traffic to him, and that the session wouldn’t start until everyone was here. He was content with that and we had some small talk. 15 minutes passed by, and I was silently panicking. We weren’t charging this guy until his session started, but if my fellow escorts were any later then we’d be costing the agency serious money. Excusing myself, I rang our receptionist, who was just as puzzled as I was.

Long story short, I did my best to entertain him on my own and we billed him at half the rate. He was happy but we were all still mystified as to where my colleagues were. Amusingly enough, they had gone to the wrong location which, honestly, has happened before. Sometimes the girls have been, ahem, partying a little too hard at a client’s behest and they’re a little frazzled. As it turns out, these two had come from a 3 hour session with a serious party goer, and they weren’t in the best state of mind.

What makes the story a little more interesting is what they did next. The session was prepaid, so they didn’t ask the fella for any money and they ended up having an apparently intense threesome. The guy in question must have felt like he had won the lottery: two hot escort girls knock on your door, get absolutely filthy, banging him and then leave? No money paid, no questions asked?

It was a once in a lifetime thing. Any other time something would have stopped it from happening: the man’s confusion, the girls’ own perception of the situation, the simple need for payment. That night though, all the stars aligned and one lucky sod got his brains fucked out by two stunning beauties. The best thing about it is, he’ll never be able to tell a soul: who would believe him?