Do’s and Dont’s with London Escorts

What you should and what you should do around a London Escort

After carefuly watching over the world wide web we have come up with the idea of creating a Do’s and Dont’s list for whenever you are with one of our great London Escorts!

Many people tend to forget that Escorts are just like any other professionals. Yes she is getting paid for doing what she/he does but so is your lawyer or your dentist. That doesn’t mean that the escort is not enjoying what she does or that she doesn’t mean what she says.

So just as the Dentist gets paid for what she/he does but also enjoyes it so does our Escorts and as if you treat your dentist with respect he/she will take extra good care of you so does the escort. If you follow our Do’s you might even become a favorite client of hers.

So let’s just start with our list!

London Escorts Do's and Dont's

Things to Do when you are with an Escort

  • Be Respectful. Just as you would be by going to your lawyer or your dentist as we mentioned above. Escorts are professionals at what they do and they do love their work. Meeting an disrespectful client can ruin their day and that can ruin the whole date that you have paid for. So be respectful from the very first moment and we promise that your date will go as planned.
  •  Maintain Discretion. Most women are trying to maintain discretion. So if you have a date with an escort please try not to make a booking on a place with many people on shight. Try to make the booking from your mobile at a private place so that you can actually have a decent chat with the agency or the escort herself.
  • If you find the escort you are looking on a escort agency such as ours then please try to read all the information you can find on the website about the escort you are interested in. Send a email or contact via phone and take in consideration all the details.
  • Take a shower before the date or even at the time the date is taking place. It’s always a bonus to deal with a client that is clean and fresh.

Things that you should NOT do when you are with an Escort

  • Don’t use cologne on places that you want the escort to put her mouth on. Not only it tastes bad but it can also cause health issues to the escorts.
  • Don’t become pushy. If you want to do something ask her but if she refuse to do it then stop. It’s better to ask for something else that she might enjoy doing than doing something that she don’t like.
  • Don’t bring friends. If you have discussed that with the agency and the lady accepted then go ahead but do not bring people that were not in the initial conversation.
  • Don’t overstay your welcome. Like any other professional if you paid for an hour you get an hour.

So now that you know a few things about what you should and what you should not do around an escort please go ahead and choose the one you like the most. We have London Escorts for all the tastes and with skills you can’t imagine.