Busy Life of a British Escort

Life as a British Escort can be very busy. Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can’t seem to find time a break? Everyone has them every now and again, and this has been mine. After all the positive feedback I got from the last 2 posts, I’ve been wanting to write for you guys again soon but I just haven’t had a minute to myself!

British EscortYou see, life as British escort girl is all about demand. Ideally, you want to be so well known that you can even turn down fellas when the times aren’t convenient for you. When you get to be so in demand that you can do that without affecting your popularity, then you know you’ve made it. Not that I want to ever leave my clients waiting of course, but it’s always good to be so incredibly desired isn’t it?

Until you get to that point though, you basically have to take every appointment that the agencies give you. So sometimes you end up with no work at all, and sometimes your time is very limited.

This week was the latter. It didn’t help that I had a regular client come in and book me multiple times, or that I had a newcomer want some serious sessions. I had lots of fun (as you’ll find out next week) but a girl needs to rest every now and again! After the week I’ve had, it’s a miracle I can even walk.

So let me leave you with a teaser for next week. This new client is straight from the realms of chick lit: 50 shades without all the weird stuff. He’s a well dressed businessman, knows what he likes and how he likes it. The whole affair is shaping up to be incredibly saucy, and I can’t wait to share it with you all, but I have to dash. I’m meeting him in a hotel for a 12 hour booking, and he’s asked that I come well equipped with toys, lingerie and plenty of enthusiasm. As you know, I’m a very good girl (on the outside at least) so I couldn’t possibly keep him waiting…

Learn all about my new encounter with the new mystery man on my next blog post: Mr Nice Guy!