Top Ten Types of London Escorts

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Top Ten Types of London Escorts: If you’ve had a fair bit of experience with glamorous ladies in the capital, you’ll know that there are most definitely types. All of our girls offer their own special services of course, and they’re all unique but there are definitely some categories that almost every girl seems to fall into. Check them out for yourself and think: “when was the last time I had a London escort that didn’t fit these descriptions?”

1. The Beauty
Every escort in London has visual appeal, it’s kind of in the job description. However, there are a few ladies that take it to another level. Plump lips, deep eyes, a stunning body. They’re the ones that leave you breathless, the ones you can barely believe are real.

2. The Chilled Out One
Whatever you want to do, she is cool with it. This London escort is the very image of relaxed charm, all easy smiles that insantly make you feel comfortable.

3. The Adventurer
By the time you’re finished with her, you’ll wonder if you have any fantasies left unexplored. This type of London escort is perfect for those that have some experience already and are looking to push the boundaries.

4. The Innocent Girl
Or so she acts. If you believe this escort in London, she is just a good looking girl after a good time. She’s all blushes and giggles until you bring out her inner devil.

5. The Party Animal
This lady will tear up the dancefloor. From the moment you meet until the moment you part, everything will be intense and you’ll love every action filled minute of it.

6. The Romantic One
A London escort with a softer side. She’s the perfect companion for first timers, a girl who will put you at ease and give you the time of your life.

7. The Submissive Girl
Whatever you want, she’ll give you. This kind of London escort is much sought after, and most men would love to spend an evening with a lady that’s so committed to pleasing him.

8.The Dominant Babe
On the other end of the spectrum, we have escorts in London who will make you bend to their will. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but those that do love to submit will find a lady like that to be their leather clad dream.

9. The Dirty One
You’ve never known a woman as ready and willing as this babe. You love it, and her incredible desire to make the evening pleasurable will leave you begging for more.

10. The Special Girl
She’s everything you need and everything you want. Sometimes, you stumble upon a London escort that can just perfectly meet all of your needs. When you do, you would be mad to let her go.

Now that you are aware of the top 10 London Escort types maybe it is time to choose the one you like the most out of our wonderful collection of escorts.

3 ways you can use a London Escort

Most men think that a London Escort is just a lady that can be used for their sexual hunger and even though this is also true, a London Escort can be used for many more reasons.

We at 365 London Escorts, have gathered a few ways that you can use a London Escort and not just for sex.

London EscortWant to find out? Check the full story below!

  1. Dinner Escort Service: It may sound weird for many people but Dinner Escort Service is something that many people use. You might have seen people and you probably didn’t even notice. Eating alone because someone forgot your dinner plans or because a friend had to cancel is very common and very uncomfortable to go through. So most Escorts in the business offer a Dinner Escort Service.
  2. Erotic Massage Escort Services: There are a lot of hard working men and women that wish they had time to find their perfect match. A lot of those people work day and night and need someone that they can feel relaxed around and Escorts are just like any other professional. What they offer is an unbelievable masssage that no living soul can probably decline after a hard day at work.
  3. Occasion Escort Services: Have you ever seen a movie that someone takes a friend or a stranger to a family reunion and introduce them as their girlfriend. This is exactly that. There are hundreds of professional escorts that will do that for you if you want them to. Dress them what you like and take them to wherever you like. Parties, Reunions, Office Days. They will be whatever you want them to be.

If you have used any of those services then you know this is a real thing. London Professional Escorts can do a hundred different services that you will enjoy. Feel free to Contact us for more information!


Escort Temptation

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know all about a regular client I have. He’s become rather accustomed to teasing me, to the extent that I am now rather desperate to finally fuck him. It’s an odd state of affairs for any top London escort to find herself in: it really is meant to be the other way around. I’m meant to be the one with the power, not him.

Honestly, it’s been frustrating. I’ve never felt like that before. As spoilt as it sounds, I’m very used to getting my own way. Normally I flutter my eyelids, drop my knickers and we’re away. This guy is making me work for it. You may be wondering why, I certainly am. I’m pretty convinced it’s a power thing, that he wants to dominate my desire. He wants to make it abundantly clear who is the boss in this situation. I’m fine with that: I’m ready and willing to wait it out. What makes it strange though, is that he just seems to taking things to extreme levels.

London Escort TemptationI’ve been with guys like that before, but they crack pretty soon. Honestly, most of them can’t resist me for more than a few hours. So imagine my surprise to find that this fella is still going strong almost a fortnight later.

An experienced lady at our agency has a different theory. She thinks that he’s looking to break the usual escort-client relationship. By denying me the chance to satisfy him, he’s creating a situation where I see him as different from other clients, where the desire comes from me and not him. She warned me about what that can mean, and what it can lead to.

Dating a client and/or sleeping with him for free are rather difficult issues. They break down the strict boundaries that we maintain, and they generally lead to disaster. There are few girls that have experienced that kind of shift and haven’t been affected. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. I want him, but I’m consumed with the chase. The thrill of it will quickly wear thin.

So I’m going to treat it as a challenge. If he’s going to resist me, then I’ll have to try harder. I won’t rest until he’s given up on his games and finally fucked my brains out. Eventually, he will succumb and I will win.

I’ve been stocking up on tools of the trade. The very naughtiest lingerie, toys, scented lubes, everything you can think of. If he wants to play a game of teasing and titillating then he better be prepared for all out war! By the time I’m finished with him, he’ll be begging for a chance to be with me. I’ll have him grovelling at my feet and, when he finally gives in, I’ll show him the night of his life. So expect this blog to get extra naughty in the coming weeks!