Banging the Wrong Guy

Having solved my little issue with a tricky client last week, I was on top of the world. I felt like nothing could go wrong and the world was my oyster. After all, I had proven myself to be one hot, sexy woman yet again and I was relishing in the glow of my own success.

Little did I realise that disaster was just around the corner.

London Duo Escorts This is going to be an interesting blog, because I’m going to delve into something you don’t normally get to see. This is the part of this world that few men ever even realise exists and we often do our best to conceal its presence. I am of course, talking about the world of mishaps.

Think about it, you’ve seen You’ve Been Framed, you know things go wrong in every part of life every now and again. So what about in this industry, what happens when things wrong then?

I found on a weekend trip to a wealthy client’s house. He had booked 3 girls, one of which was me. We were all making our way to him separately, planning to arrive and meet up 5 minutes before. I arrived just in time for the appointment itself, having been stuck in traffic. I rang the doorbell, and prepared myself to apologise for the delay. An older gentleman greeted me with a smile, although he looked a little puzzled.

As it turns out, neither of the other two girls had made it yet. I explained the traffic to him, and that the session wouldn’t start until everyone was here. He was content with that and we had some small talk. 15 minutes passed by, and I was silently panicking. We weren’t charging this guy until his session started, but if my fellow escorts were any later then we’d be costing the agency serious money. Excusing myself, I rang our receptionist, who was just as puzzled as I was.

Long story short, I did my best to entertain him on my own and we billed him at half the rate. He was happy but we were all still mystified as to where my colleagues were. Amusingly enough, they had gone to the wrong location which, honestly, has happened before. Sometimes the girls have been, ahem, partying a little too hard at a client’s behest and they’re a little frazzled. As it turns out, these two had come from a 3 hour session with a serious party goer, and they weren’t in the best state of mind.

What makes the story a little more interesting is what they did next. The session was prepaid, so they didn’t ask the fella for any money and they ended up having an apparently intense threesome. The guy in question must have felt like he had won the lottery: two hot escort girls knock on your door, get absolutely filthy, banging him and then leave? No money paid, no questions asked?

It was a once in a lifetime thing. Any other time something would have stopped it from happening: the man’s confusion, the girls’ own perception of the situation, the simple need for payment. That night though, all the stars aligned and one lucky sod got his brains fucked out by two stunning beauties. The best thing about it is, he’ll never be able to tell a soul: who would believe him?