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Top Ten Types of London Escorts

Top Ten Types of London Escorts: If you’ve had a fair bit of experience with glamorous ladies in the capital, you’ll know that there are most definitely types. All of our girls offer their own special services of course, and they’re all unique but there are definitely some categories that almost every girl seems to […]

Escort Temptation

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know all about a regular client I have. He’s become rather accustomed to teasing me, to the extent that I am now rather desperate to finally fuck him. It’s an odd state of affairs for any top London escort to find herself in: it really is meant to […]

Don’t give up on us

I recently spoke to a fella who was rather skeptical and weary about the idea of seeing a working girl. Intrigued, I pressed him for details and was saddened to hear that a bad experience had made him lose interest in this industry. Part of me wasn’t surprised though: he had been going for bargain […]