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90 Minute Escorts

90 Minute EscortsSometimes, the best things in life can pass before your eyes in a flash. One moment they’re there, the next they’re gone. Were it not for our 90 minute escorts, we wonder how many men would find themselves desperately craving another hour or so with our stunning beauties. Shorter bookings can be fine in the right context of course. Perhaps you’re rushing off to some event soon and don’t have the luxury of time, so a 90 minute escort would be a waste. Or maybe you just want some quick companionship. There are many reasons why you might be short of time, but if you have a little longer to spare then you should consider seeing one of our babes for some extra fun.

Longer, Lovelier
You’d be amazed by how much our 90 minute escorts in London really shine in that additional time. You can relax, slide that watch off your wrist and concentrate on nothing else but the beauty in front of you. The freedom that comes from that is truly liberating. You can do things that are going to take a bit longer, linger on the pleasures like you truly should and really enjoy them. We have some of the very best 90 minute escorts London has to offer, and they certainly know how to make the sweetest things seem even sweeter.

Worth It
Of course seeing a 90 minute escort in London can be expensive. You don’t get that extra time for free, otherwise everyone would do it. It’s enough to turn many people off of the idea, and make them settle for the cheaper option. For some people that works, but for many 90 minutes with a stunning babe will be better than two shorter sessions. You’ll have time to really get into it, to enjoy the fact that you have the best 90 minute escort London has to offer at your beck and call.

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